UK lockdown roadmap: Everything you can and can’t do from March 29 as Covid restrictions ease

THE great unlocking of Britain will take a huge step tomorrow – here’s everything you can and can’t do from March 29 as Covid restrictions ease. 

Kids have already returned to school, with the next phase of Boris Johnson’s plan to unlock the UK to begin this week.

Brits will be able to head to outdoor pools again by the end of March

The next step will take place providing the vaccine programme continues successfully, no new variants of concern emerge, there is no sign of a surge in hospitalisations and the jabs are working.

And in a vote of confidence so far, almost half of the population has been vaccinated, with cases continuing to drop.

So what CAN you do from March 29?

Outdoor meet-ups

From tomorrow, the rule of six will be re-introduced, allowing six people or less – or two households – to mix outdoors.

This means even small gatherings in private gardens will be permitted – just in time for Easter over the April 4 weekend.

However, Brits should make sure to only gather outside while following social distancing guidelines for any events as the lockdown begins to ease.

Brits will be able to gather in groups of six outside from 29 March 2021


Outdoor team sports and activities, such as tennis and golf, will also return from tomorrow, with people able to head to their local sports clubs again.

Tennis and basketball courts will be allowed to reopen, along with open-air swimming pools.

And in good news for sports, Brits will again be able to start taking place in formally organised outdoor sports events like amateur football leagues.

But indoor facilities like gyms won’t be open until at least April 12.

Brits will once again be able to play tennis with friends


Brits will be able to visit family and friends in private gardens when lockdown eases tomorrow – and they can go inside to use the loo too.

The Prime Minister is ditching the ‘stay at home’ rule this week.

Under the rules, people can also meet as two households in public spaces or gardens as the Government tries to make it easier for friends and family to get together over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

And Brits can even go inside other homes – but only briefly to use the toilet, get a drink or walk through to the garden. The same rule will apply to toilets when pub gardens reopen in April.

There are still rules in place – people must socially distance from each other, and meeting indoors is still banned.

Lockdown rules will ease tomorrow – and Brits will be able to meet in groups of six outside


The stay-at-home message will also be ditched from March 29 and Brits will simply be told to “minimise travel”.

It means the public will be advised to meet up with friends and family locally – but it will not be illegal to travel to see relatives outdoors further afield.

The stay-at-home message will be ditched on March 29

Sadly, travel abroad will still not be allowed, other than for a small number of reasons.

Parent and children groups

Outdoor parent and child groups will be allowed to resume from tomorrow. 

A maximum of 15 people, not counting those aged under five, will be permitted to meet for outdoor activities.

For example, people can socialise in parent and child walking groups.

What you can’t do

Indoors facilities like gyms won’t be open until at least April 12.

April 12 will see the first major easing of restrictions with, non-essential shops and hairdressers to reopen and restrictions on people’s travel will be further relaxed.

Hairdressers will also be open by April 12, along with zoos and theme parks.

People desperate for a pint will have to wait until April 12 – but a loophole means pubs without a beer garden will still be able to open to serve pints to thirsty Brits.

Downing Street confirmed punters will be able to enjoy a drink at venues without a garden because they can be served in any outdoor area, such as a carpark.

Hairdressers and barbers will reopen on April12

And Boris Johnson insisted vaccine passports might not come in until AFTER everyone has been offered a jab– and the plans won’t stop pubs opening outside in April as planned.

And a few weeks later, on May 17, many indoor restrictions are expected to be lifted.All restrictions are expected to be lifted by June 21.