Wondering where your present is? It could be at the bottom of this pile! Royal Mail is swamped by millions more parcels this year while truck tailbacks stretch 20 MILES at Dover and shoppers face online delivery chaos 

A second showed that sorting offices are so inundated that staff are having to stack items outside, putting parcels at risk of being damaged by rain or even stolen.

Union bosses are reporting similar scenes across the country.

A massive switch to online shopping means there are an estimated 200million more parcels in the postal and courier system this year. Online orders are expected to be up by more than 50 per cent as internet festive shopping overtakes the high street for the first time.

It comes as a scarcity of online supermarket delivery slots risks sending scores of your Christmas presents have been rather slow to arrive, this enormous pile of parcels may explain the delay. One image posted on Twitter displayed the huge pile of Royal Mail sacks in Bristol.

Shoppers are desperately scrolling through slot times but finding they are fully booked or will not arrive until after December 25. 

Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all confirmed to MailOnline that they were grappling with a high demand for deliveries amid a festive rush. 

Meanwhile delays with Christmas presents are threatening to ruin Christmas for families and businesses. 

Many customers have complained about items arriving late, while John Lewis, Boots and HMV have blamed Royal Mail for delivery delays. Terry Pullinger, of the Communication Workers Union, said: ‘We could not possibly have anticipated this level of packets and parcels, it seems to be intensifying every day.

That coupled with the arrangements that are going to be in place to keep key workers safe because of Covid, and the rising spread of Covid, is complicating what is already a strategic nightmare.’